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Improving and  protecting your organisation to achieve and maintain  optimum performance .

Helping to acquire the most suited and up to date material / equipment combined with our expertise in building efficient, successful, secure businesses and government entities.

Amsell meets the needs of clients worldwide with over 50 international partners and an unparalleled catalogue of products and services for a wide range of projects, including those in emerging markets and in complex environments. Together with our partners, we cover the full spectrum of requirements, with capacities in:

•Research and development
•Planning and logistics

•Project management
•Quality control

We are organised to be agile and adaptive, with diverse capabilities in the areas of security and cybersecurity, protection equipment and materials for uniforms, oil field services workers , upstream and down stream , for aviation services, disaster relief, food distribution and agricultural investment, and global consulting.
Amsell outfits, protects, and delivers.