Security Services

Experience in research and development, manufacturing, logistics, and planning, Amsell and its partners can meet all security-related needs, from vehicles and VIP protection to data forensics and tactical communication. We provide comprehensive security support, including equipment and components, site and vehicle security, surveillance and communication systems,  and  training. We are experienced in working with the most innovative  manufacturers to implement complete security solutions for Clients worldwide.​

Aviation Services

With full service capabilities in sales, VIP travel, charter, and freight, Amsell and its partners excel at providing a complete range of aviation products.

Sales and Leasing

From business planes and private helicopters to sea planes, specialty jets, and jumbo aircraft, Amsell and its partners can source the aviation equipment to get your products and people to locations worldwide.

Business and VIP Travel

Combining security and luxury, Amsell and its partners offer a full complement of travel options, from on demand private jets, helicopters, and yachts to secure convoys, premiere chauffeured ground transportation, and round-the-clock worldwide concierge service. Amsell moves the elite—safely, comfortably, and in style.

Cargo and Freight Solutions

Amsell and its partners move products where they need to go, from international airports to remote locations. Whether handling materials that are perishable or priceless, humanitarian or hazardous, we transport any and all goods securely and efficiently. Type your paragraph here.

Sales, Acquisitions, Aircraft Leasing, and Management

Over the years Amsell has established close relationships with the some of the most respected and well-established companies in the industry. This network has given Amsell the diverse ability to find the perfect solution that fits our client’s specific needs. When purchasing an aircraft or finding the right operator, our job is to provide unparalleled service, information, and the best possible value.

On time and secure delivery of your goods or equipment is a necessity to moving business forward. Our team works as your partner to safeguard the secure and timely delivery of the things you need to get the job done.

✓   Heavy and Oversize
✓   Humanitarian Aid
✓   Food And Perishables
✓   Military Equipment
✓   Hazardous Materials
✓   Construction Equipment and Materials

✓   Commercial Goods and Products
✓   Vehicles & Machinery
✓   Animals & Live Stock
✓   Priceless Valuables
✓   Sensitive Materials
✓   Remote Locations

Our years of experience and established infrastructure ensures that every mission will be handled efficiently and cost effectively. We offer Global Long Term /Short Term Leases and 24/7/365 On-Demand Charter aircraft on stand-by ready to go.

Group Charter

With a full fleet of safe and versatile aircraft, Amsell and its partners have a proven track record of managing logistics and transporting groups to points around the globe. Specializing in troop transport, governmental flights, corporate excursions, entertainment/party events, adventure tours, and more, Amsell and its partners can meet all your charter needs.

Moving a large group of people takes precision and attention to detail. Our dedicated logistics team takes extra care to ensure that every mission is handled with the utmost of care. Our experienced and established global infrastructure of the safest and most versatile aircraft gives us the ability to handle any number of passengers in any part of the world.

✓   Humanitarian Aid
✓   Government & Diplomatic Flights
✓   Personnel Transport
✓   Emergency Evacuation

✓   Entertainment Events & Tours
✓   Corporate Events
✓   General Group Travel
✓   Shuttle Services
✓   Adventure Excursions

Disaster relief and humanitarian aid

When catastrophe strikes anywhere in the world, Amsell is ready to go, with a complete catalogue of resources to manage and respond to any natural or man-made disaster.  Our supplies and experts are prepared to be airborne within 24 hours, fully equipped to disrupt the devastation.

Our areas of specialty include:•Safety and shelter supplies, including tents and prefabricated rapid-deploy buildings, emergency clothing, and blankets.

•Rapid infrastructure, including bridge and road construction, mass shelter construction, dust suppression, and airstrip preparation
•Global food delivery and distribution, including bulk and non-perishable foods
•Emergency generators and communications systems
•Unmanned aerial disaster reconnaissance and analysis

Food Distribution and investment

Amsell and its international network of partners advance food-related projects for clients, including agricultural investment and development, global food production and distribution logistics, commodities sourcing, food financing and management, and food company mergers and acquisitions. Working in conjunction with Foodiza and its proprietary brand of foods, we further the goal of providing affordable, diverse, and consistently high quality options to areas of the world that are traditionally underserved or underdeveloped. Amsell and Foodiza aim to be the grocery store for the world and a dependable source of food products in high need zones, from condiments, spices, and beverages to fresh and frozen meats, grains, and produce. 

Consulting services

Amsell and its partners provide the complete scope of consulting services for private sector, government, and NGOs worldwide.  With connections to venture capitalists and bankers, Amsell and its partners have the resources to secure funding by linking clients with our consortium of financiers. We pride ourselves on our years of experience connecting people and putting deals together, and we particularly excel in real estate transactions, infrastructure development, and investment opportunities. Further, along with our partners, we have significant expertise in the representation of foreign governments and in helping countries penetrate multiple international markets.